RIMS Initiative for Online Classes amid Lockdown

Stay Home, Stay Safe

The entire world is going through a difficult phase caused by the COVID-19 global pandemic. The terrible impact of the spread of this novel Coronavirus is out there for all of us to see. In these difficult times, it is our responsibility to adhere to the guidelines of the authorities and maintain social distancing at any cost. Only then we can win over this deadly Coronavirus.
The complete nation-wide lockdown from 24th March 2020 put us in spot of bother; we were worried about our students’ academics. Fortunately, our management, academic advisors and senior faculties quickly went into the crisis management mode and chalked out a plan to begin online classes for our students through Microsoft Teams application, and since 27th March 2020, we have been successfully taking online classes; and the response from the students is quite encouraging. Apart online tutoring, regular notes and assignments are being provided to the students.
We are also in the process of taking our Online Classes initiative to the next level, with us having planned for online internal exams and other academic activities. Implementation of the same will be done quite soon.

Course Subject File Type Uploaded by Uploaded on Download
MBA 4th SemSOUzipProf. Suneet Mathur 2020-04-26 00:00:00Download
MBA 4th SemB2BzipProf. Suneet Mathur 2020-04-26 00:00:00Download
MBA 4th SemRMzipDr. Sapna Menon 2020-04-25 10:59:48Download
MBA 2nd SemEDrarDr. Karunakar Patra 2020-04-25 10:57:17Download
MBA 2nd SemIFSSzipMs. Debasmita Nayak 2020-04-25 10:57:17Download
MCA 2nd SemPPMrarMrs. Smruti Rekha Behera 2020-04-24 08:05:45Download
MCA 2nd SemOperating SystemrarMr. Damodar Nayak 2020-04-24 08:05:45Download
MCA 2nd SemManegerial ComputingrarDr. Ranjita Swain 2020-04-24 07:59:42Download
MCA 4th SemCompiler DesigningrarMr. Bibhudendu Panda 2020-04-24 07:59:42Download
MCA 4th SemSoftware EngineeringrarDr. Ranjita Swain 2020-04-24 06:41:13Download
MCA 4th SemProgramming in JavapdfDr. Swatee Rekha Mohanty 2020-04-24 06:41:13Download
MCA 2nd SemGreen ITrarMr. Bibhudendu Panda 2020-04-24 06:36:47Download
MCA 4th SemComputer GraphicsrarMr. Bibhudendu Panda 2020-04-24 06:35:21Download
MCA 2nd SemData Structure(Tree)pdfMr. Jagadish Sahoo 2020-04-23 11:29:43Download
MBA 4th SemMMSrarProf. Ajodhya Nanda Das 2020-04-23 11:26:53Download
MBA 4th SemORArarDr. Sreekumar 2020-04-23 11:24:08Download
MBA 2nd SemBRrarDr. Sreekumar 2020-04-23 11:21:53Download
MBA 2nd SemBRrarDr. Subrat Prasad Pattnayak 2020-04-23 11:18:44Download
MBA 2nd SemERPrarDr. Subrat Prasad Pattnayak 2020-04-23 11:14:30Download

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